Artristras emerge from the interest of traditional culture and the direct action of street theatre. The components come from different disciplines: modelling arts, essences, art crafts, etc. These are the base of experimentation of all their projects.

The 25 years of the companies’ history mark a clear route of street theatre, from the basic language use of minstrels’ montages, until the incorporation of contemporary dance. We shall find a complex modelling creation of their characters never losing reference of the starting point in as much as the use of the mask, the great elements, and the imaginary beasts as in the scenic representation of themes that demonstrate desires and disenchantments of the folk people.

The evolution of the group has led them to study in depth the techniques of street theatre and later go towards a more visual and modeling theatre. The result is a more up to date language which obtains the seal and personal style of the Artristras. One of the characteristics that differentiate the company is the combination of cavalcade with the dramatic plot. They create strolling performances cleary different from those of the square as they offer more than one level of narration.

In the performances, the narration is structured in blocks which develop independently in different spaces of the route. The thread of the plot is almost always related to mythology or folk tradition. The narration of the performances has as fundamental objective the development of visual theatre. This is reinforced with music specially created for each situation and interpreted live to give more force and interest to the action. Music, dance and modelling are the characteristics that have sealed the works of the Artristras and which come together in this new performance.

Shows & Performances: The process of scenic investigation has brought them to create 13 street performances that manifest the evolution and the seal of the company.


Image gallery

  • Artristras, 1975

  • 1975, 1er. espectacle professional

  • 1976, primer espectacle visual

  • 1980, "Fira de carrer"